OCTAP Taxi Administration Orange County, California



OCTAP is an administrative program providing taxi regulatory services on behalf of all member agencies; which includes issuing taxicab company and driver permits once completed applications have been received, required fees are paid, all minimum qualifications and standards have been met, and the application approved.  All permits are required to be renewed annually.  Applications are only accepted in-person at the OCTAP office during normal business hours.


OCTAP Driver Permit Applicants no longer need to submit passport photos as part of their application package.  OCTAP has implemented a new photo system where driver permit photos are now taken at the OCTAP facility when an application package is submitted.





Company Permit (First Time) Application Package

Company Permit (Renewal - Annual Review) Application Package


Driver Permit "How To" Booklet and Application Package


Updated Live Scan Facilities List - NEW!

Appeals Request Form and Procedures

Insurance Requirements
Driver Termination/Drop Form

California Civil Code Pertaining to Lost and Found Property

Vehicle Color and Marking Scheme Request Form